Best SEO Expert in Nepal – Mahesh Panth (Specialist To Improve Websites)

Hello, my name is Mahesh Panth, one of the best SEO expert in Nepal with ranking proofs and a complete blueprint of building a successful online empire. Hire yourself the only complete digital marketer in Nepal who knows every secret to rank a website within 6-12 months. Mahesh takes your website from nowhere to become one of the top brands in your niche or industry.

Mahesh Panth – SEO Expert in Nepal

mahesh panth seo expert nepal

Hello there!

I’ve been living in Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur, Nepal for over 2 decades and learning search engine optimization. I have done SEO for over 7+ years, ranked hundreds of websites, and released my own SEO audit template. Whether it a local business, niche website, or blog, I do complete white hat SEO and content optimization for it.

I am also known for event blogging, ranking local businesses, and making money online through various mediums. If you are looking to appear higher in search results or want to develop websites, you can contact me.

SEO Ranking Proof

Below is one of my sites growing from zero to 15.7k users instantly using my methods.

seo ranking proof by mayaprakash - 15.7 users in one day

SEO Services Nepal

  • Complete SEO Audits
  • Ranking a Google Adsense, Niche, and affiliate website on SERP
  • Local Business, and GMB
  • Website Development
  • Niche Competition Research
  • Keyword Research
  • YouTube Growth
  • On-Page and off-page SEO in Nepal with link building
  • Branding

What Makes Me Different

Mahesh believes in the authority of the website via content quality. I also believe in white hat SEO, and ranking websites using the power of content. Plus, I aim to improve the content authority that starts ranking within 3-6 months. That’s not it, for keywords that are tough and difficult to rank, Mahesh does promotion via multiple top white-hat link-building strategies

My Philosophy

The way search engine algorithms are improving, shortcuts, and tricks won’t work anymore. One big Google update and your website could reach up to the bottom of the SERP page. Even worse, your page could disappear from search results.

So, it’s hard to maintain rankings because the search algorithm keeps evolving. In that scenario, I have developed my own pure white hat ranking strategy that can survive any algorithmic updates.

SEO Ranking Strategy

Our average campaign lasts up to 6 months; we don’t take anything less than that time. During the period, we update the website and add content each month to make it more search engine friendly. Meanwhile, a few things that we cover during those six months are:

  • Improve website’s UX/UI
  • add content
  • do technical on-page SEO
  • optimize page speed
  • do branding
  • Maximize directories
  • white hat link building
  • rank for local search terms in Nepal
  • penalty recovery
  • implement our rank hack strategy
  • Improve backlinks

SEO Meaning

Search Engine Optimization is the toughest but also the most profitable part of successful marketing as listed by Microsoft. In short, it is a process of improving the technical factors as well as the content of a website so that it gets listed higher in search results of Google, Bing, or any other search engine for various phrases or keywords that internet users explore every day.

For example, how do you find the best model when buying a new TV or a smartphone? Obviously, we do Google search and click on anything that appears on top of the search results. Well, there are millions of websites providing information about smartphones. However, there is a spot for only the 10 best sites to appear on the front page of search results. Out of them, only one website can appear in the #1 top position. It is the website that gets the highest amount of customers and clicks from internet users.

Digital Marketing is a top priority for business owners such as dealers, hotel businesses, flights, and more industries. It makes the brand get more exposure and customers through Google. Every business that appears on the front page of Google pours a big money on SEO experts in Nepal. This helps them beat the competition in digital marketing.

Benefits of SEO

All those sites that are appearing on the hotspot position of Google did not reach there by accident. It is made possible because of SEO. Whereas, other people’s sites are found somewhere on the second, fourth, or even the last page of Google.

Traffic means visitors and customers. Once you set up a site and optimize it for search engines, you don’t need to pay for advertisements anymore. All the readers and customers will come naturally through search engines. In advertising, we regularly need to invest money depending on the contract or deal made with advertising agencies. Once you are out of budget or no longer want to pay, they stop promoting your business.

Mostly the digital form of advertisements charges you money every time a user watches your ad. When you advertise on other platforms such as radio, TV, or social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.) everyone will watch your ads, even those who are not interested in them. Your money could be wasted if those ads are displayed to the wrong people who want nothing to do with your company, product, or brand. These days the overflow of ads is also annoying people.

That is not the case with SEO. Your content will be displayed to highly specific targetted and interested people who are in need of something. They could be searching for some piece of information or want to purchase anything, which is highly profitable if they find your website for the search term.

Facts About SEO

Search Engine Optimization might seem cool stuff but here are some facts you need to know before hiring anyone for the task.

  1. Google receives about 63,000 searches every second, i.e. an approximately 60,000+ people use Google every second to find items. There are 5 billion-plus searches happening on Google every day, which is growing every day.
  2. Every search engines have their own unique algorithms that make use of programmatic bots and crawlers that analyze a site in order to change their position on results pages.
  3. Because of the algorithm and competition, the page one ranking is not achieved overnight. It takes at least 6 to 12 months for a project to rank.
  4. Bing and Google Algorithms are almost updated every day by Google, evolving and becoming tough day by day.
  5. There are more than 200+ Google ranking factors that they never reveal. One can learn about them by testing their sites after running experiments on their projects.
  6. Our job is not to beat the algorithm but to beat the competition by making changes to our sites and improving them.
  7. A new site takes longer to rank because it is still in the testing phase by Google, as per their ‘Sandbox’ algorithm.
  8. Content & technical factors optimization, i.e. On-Page SEO, covers only 25% of the work efforts, and the rest 75% is all about Off-page, i.e. promotion.
  9. According to a heatmap released by Google, pages that appear in the top 5 results get 75% of the total clicks.
  10. Image Optimization plays a major role in ranking pages whereas ‘Structured Data’ only helps in displaying rich results.
  11. Pages that make users stay on them for a longer period of time perform better, which means more research and investment in the content is a must.

Answers From SEO Expert in Nepal

1. How do I find my SEO expert?

There are plenty of methods to find your preferred SEO expert in Nepal. The first option is to explore a freelancing site such as Fiverr. Similarly, there are plenty of Facebook groups made for the SEO community where you can find hundreds of people offering such services. You can also hire me as your SEO expert.

2. How much does it cost to hire a SEO expert from Nepal?

The price of SEO work depends upon the size of the project and competition. Currently, the average market price is $600 (approx. Rs. 69,000 NPR) per month for a normal site with 10-20 pages and target keywords. If the KD is higher and more efforts are needed, such as there are some industries where we need to hire more creators and developers, then the prices would go as higher as $2000 to $12000 per month for competing with big brands. This is approximately equal to Rs. 2,32,000 to Rs. 13,93,000 NPR per month for bigger projects as it takes huge investment and time to work on such sites.

3. What should an SEO expert know?

Before hiring any SEO expert, you must know their years of experience, and proven track record of past work. Record is not only about ranking success but also about the data showing the tasks that they have performed over the years. They must have an understanding of how overall SEO marketing works and a blueprint for competing with an extremely difficult keyword. A perfect SEO expert does not always target low competition and long-tail keywords but they should be savvy to work on keywords of any level. In addition to that, their communication skill should be at the highest standards and they should know the big picture of converting a small site into a heavy brand.

4. Is it worth hiring an SEO expert?

Yes. A SEO expert with proven record and experience can increase your search presence, thus bringing, more visitors that could potentially turn into buyers and customers for your company.

Why Mahesh for SEO?

Best SEO specialist in Nepal for a reason, let me tell you why. We are trusted by most website owners, just because of our ranking strategy, professional approach, and result-oriented guaranteed work. I have already shown the proof above, as we work better than any seo company in Nepal.

Before hiring us, we want to let you know the reason why you should be paying us. It is no secret that there might be hundreds of competitors in your industry, dominating your business. I know that it’s frustrating when you don’t get any customers, and miss the opportunities of making thousands of dollars every single day.

When it comes to online marketing, SEO is one of the many ways to get customers. The only wall that is separating businesses from customers is Google, as it covers 87.35% of the world’s search traffic. Google is the most significant source of internet traffic for getting customers and clients. So, if you rank higher on search results, it’s going to be easy for customers to climb that wall and reach up to you.

Well, after working in this field since 2014 & doing numerous tests & research, I’ve developed a guaranteed process to rank a website. It is going to fix the above major problem that is preventing your business from getting thousands of dollars of revenue.

Whether you are a professional blogger, affiliate marketer, or a local business site owner, whenever you are ready to invest in the best SEO specialist in Nepal, we are here.

Final Verdict

Mahesh provides complete on-page and off-page SEO services. He is known as the best seo expert in Nepal due to his guaranteed ranking system and strategies. As far as we are concerned, his methods will boost rankings naturally depending upon the competition.