How To Check Plagiarism Online (Best Copyscape Alternative)

Are you looking for how to check plagiarism for free and Copyscape alternatives in 2021? In this article, you will learn how to identify copied content using manual methods as well as free tools.

Copyscape is a premium SEO tool that lets you scan a piece of document or URL and matches it with millions of other web pages on the internet to report whether the content is original or not. When you publish a scrapped, spun, or copied piece of article, it creates plagiarism, the absence of uniqueness and originality.

Now, a small line of copied content, such as phrases spoken by great personalities won’t matter much in SEO. However, if your article is completely spun from top to bottom, it will create SEO issues and canonicalization. So, checking and removal of plagiarism from your pages is important to rank higher on google.

But Copyscape is not a 100% free tool and it will require you credits purchase in order to use the tool at its fullest. Therefore, we’ll discover about the Copyscape alternative and checking plagiarism for free for those who can’t afford to buy.

how to check plagiarism for free

How to check plagiarism for free manually?

People spend a lot of money on buying expensive tools. What they don’t realize is that all the plagiarism checks that the tool can reveal, we can do it for free manually. Here’s how.

Just copy a sentence that you are trying to scan for plagiarism. Then head over to google and paste it on the Google search box. Now, before pressing the enter key, add double inverted commas at the start and end of the sentence.

When you hit the search button, Google will show the ‘N’ number of results if the sentence is copied. Underneath, you will find all the pages in Google index that have already published the sentence on their pages.

copied content google example

If the content is original, Google will display the message ‘Sorry. No results found” or simply display “0 results” below the search box. Take a look:

plagiarism free content example

Free Copyscape Alternative Tool

We cannot analyze thousands of sentences and paragraphs in Google one by one manually as it would take weeks to complete tasks. Therefore, the free plagiarism checking tool is made to save your time.

Just head over to the URL:

The best part about my free plagiarism tool is that you can insert unlimited words up to 99,000 characters which are enough for any large document to scan. Also, this Copyscape tool mentioned above is 100% free and there’s no login or sign-up required. Just visit the link, paste the content on the box and click on ‘Check For Plagiarism’. After just wait for a few moments depending upon the size of the content until the scan is finished and the tool will display a list of copied content.

Let us know if the free Copyscape plagiarism checker alternative tool worked for you or not in the comments below.

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