How To Create HTTP Injector File 2023 EHI (That Connects)

This is a step-by-step guide on how to create HTTP Injector file in the 2023 update connecting free VPN and the internet. It makes use of a working SSH, Payload, and host settings. Again, this ehi file configuration method is 100% fresh, adjusting with the changes in the app interface.

Moreover, we will reveal some secrets of HTTP Injector that will help you understand how the proxy system works. In this way, at the end of this article, you will be able to create your own ehi configuration files. Find in-depth details about how the Secure Shell (SSH), reverse proxy, and a lot of things work.

So, to understand the complete process of how to create ehi file for HTTP injector, stick with us till the end. These Virtual Private Networks help professionals encrypt data, add privacy, and access resources unavailable on public networks.

Let’s start with the introduction to the app.

What is HTTP Injector?

HTTP Injector is a multi-purpose VPN and tunneling tool developed by a company known as Evozi. It is 100% free and legal to use for VPN purposes in supported regions.

It is no secret that the popularity of VPNs is growing on mobile devices. However, as the trend grows, security challenges arise as well. Not all free tools and VPN providers are trustworthy and secure.

That is when HTTP Injector shines as an alternative to premium VPNs, providing all the facilities for free. This freemium application has two usages, one for VPN and the other for free internet. The internet connection through this type of server is super fast with guaranteed user privacy and a safe connection.

Anything that the premium VPN service providers promise, this app provides all those facilities for absolutely zero cost. Some advanced users have also found a method to get free internet using HTTP Injector.

Likewise, an EHI is a file extension that imports configs made by other creators inside the application. It helps us to connect to the free VPN in the presence of an active internet connection or wifi. Now, let’s get into the main part of ehi file creation process.

How To Create HTTP Injector File

There are two methods of using HTTP Injector, either by using the default VPN or creating your custom VPN servers. Again, I will reveal the secret to the free internet at the end of this article. First, I will explain about creating a custom ehi file for a free VPN. Then the default VPN, and finally, the mystery will be revealed at the end.

Also, these methods are identical for almost every network, such as MTN, GlobeTM, Sun, Smart, and TNT. By the way, we have divided this tutorial into several parts. To continue reading the further steps, click on the next button. Let’s start with the requirements.


  • Android Operating System of Version 4.0.3 or higher.
  • Latest HTTP Injector App installed on your phone.
  • Wifi or Mobile Data (with balance or recharge).
  • An SSH Account

Create Free SSH Account

Previously, we used ‘VPNSplit’ service to create an SSH account. Since the old method was super complicated, this update is a lot easier. This time, we will be using a new service known as “SSH Stores”.

So, our first task is to create a free SSH account. Simply do it by following the steps given below.

  1. Visit Feel free to use a different provider if you find a better service than this one.
  2. Scroll down and find “SSH 30 Days”.
  3. Click on “Create Account”.
  4. Now, it will give you a list of available servers. Select a server that has at least one account slot left. Meaning, it should not have “0 out of 30” written, just above the “Create Account” button. If that text is found, it means that the server is full. So, select a different host that has at least one or more rooms remaining.
  5. After that, enter your desired username, and password, complete the robots verification and select “create now”.
  6. After that, open a notepad and copy and paste all the account information. Save it for HTTP Injector usage later, including the “Payload”.

Please note that the distance between you and the data center or server will affect the internet loading speed. So, you better choose a server nearest to your country for a faster downloading rate.

Now, my current location is in an Asian country. Therefore, the best option for me is to go with “Select VPN Asia”. Still, if you want to go with a different server, feel free to do so.

After this, in our previous method, we used to collect squid proxy information. But, in this update, all the information is already given by the SSH provider.

Configure SSH Settings

After creating our free VPN account, it’s time to set up SSH settings. Secure Shell is a protocol to encrypt a connection and makes it private for browsing. Before we do that, open the HTTP Injector application. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right corner and clear the setting/data. This will reset the app to the default state.

Now, perform the following instructions:

  1. Open the Menu and click on SSH settings.
  2. The SSH Host information is given on the account details that we created in the previous stage. Just copy it and paste it into the appropriate box. The same thing applies to the username and password.
  3. For SSH Port, it’s either 442 or 143, if you have created an account from the 30 days servers list. This only applies if you have followed the previous instructions. The port number is clearly mentioned in the account details known as “Port Dropbear”. Better check that out before filling in to make sure that everything goes right.
  4. After that, do not play with any other settings and just press the back button.

Note: do not get confused between the “UDPGW Port”, “Squid Port”, “Port SSL” and “Port SSH WL Alt”. This information is given in the account details. In SSH settings, we should enter the value of “Port Dropbear” only, not the other ones. After that, we are ready to go into the next stage.

Working Payload for HTTP Injector 2023

Till now, we have successfully created an SSH account and set up SSH settings inside the HTTP Injector. Our next task is to set the tunnel type and generate the payload. Below are the instructions for it.

  1. Open the menu and select “Payload Generator”.
  2. Tap on “SSL/TLS -> SSH”.
  3. Set the Tunnel Type to “Secure Shell (SSH)”.
  4. Choose Connect From “None (Direct)”.
  5. Check the “Custom Payload” box.
  6. Click on “Save”.

Update: Do not select HTTP Proxy. Rather select “None (Direct)”. Enabling this option will eliminate the need for squid and remote proxy.

Now, do not play with any other settings and press the back button to go to the app’s home screen. We already have the payload. Simply open the notepad to copy the payload from the account details and paste it inside the appropriate box.

Below is the working payload for HTTP injector in my case:

GET wss:// HTTP/1.1[crlf]Host:[crlf]Upgrade: websocket[crlf][crlf]

Finally, turn on your internet connection and click on “Start”. It does not matter whether it is mobile data or wifi connection; tap on the “START” button. Android will then prompt you for VPN permissions; tap on “OK” to confirm. As the progress starts, switch to the “Logs” tab to see the status of your VPN.

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Optional: Before starting the connection, you can go to the Tools tab. Then, enable “Debug Mode” to find the errors if anything goes wrong. But wait, this is not the end. Read till the last part to learn about the free internet secrets.

Video Guide

How to use HTTP Injector Default VPN

There are three unique methods to use the HTTP Injector app. First, you need to clear all the settings data and start the app. Then, tapping on the “Start” button will provide three options. There, select the option “Choose Server”.

Now, please scroll through the list of various available servers and tap on anyone. Then, select the server code and tap on “Connect”.

After that, tap on “Start” again and select “OK” to grant the app permission to connect to VPN. Go to the “Log” tab to check the progress, and a successful message will say “VPN Connected” at the end.

The second method is to import a configuration file created by someone else. And the final third method is how to create ehi file for http injector 2023 using the tutorial described above. Moreover, you can download our premade HTTP injector ehi files download.

HTTP Injector Free Internet Secret

Before we wrap things off, everybody has a question how do they provide free internet through http injector? Well, this was an exploit being misused by many people in the past, making use of a reverse proxy system.

Almost every mobile network used to have something known as a “Captive Portal”. It is a proxy, web address, IP address, or any location online that users can access without any data charge. For example, a sim card company website through which users can manage their accounts. It includes activities such as recharging accounts, renewals, and similar activities.

Such captive portals were given access to the company users free of cost without any internet fees. Exploiters took advantage of that and started finding methods to break that portal and bypass the billing system. Again, this article is only for educational purposes. We are not sharing any actual process here, just giving a general idea of how that works.

Now, what they did is find a proxy, something that was added to the SIM Card’s APN settings. Companies usually provided an IP address in their internet configuration settings. It is the source of getting in touch with the captive portals. A few smart geeks put that number in place of squid proxy. They used the Access Point Names and ports given by the network provider in APN settings.

As a result of this, they were easily able to bypass internet data billing for free internet. Again, mobile companies found this vulnerability, thanks to some clout-seeking YouTubers, and the companies started blocking all those proxies. Moreover, most telecom companies even removed a physical address from their APN settings. As a result of which, it is now almost impossible to break their billing system some random internet geeks.

So, again, we want to inform you that this article was just for edutainment purposes only. We have not shared any actual process of using those proxies whatsoever here.


1. What is ehi file?

Ehi is a file extension of the HTTP Injector app that helps to import and export its configuration settings.

2. What is a payload http injector 2023?

Payload is the method that routes the connection through an alternative host. It specifies the tunnel type, URL/Host of the server, request, injection, and query methods with the types of extra headers.

3. Is HTTP Injector illegal?

HTTP Injector is just another mobile app that provides premium VPN services for free of cost. It is 100% legal in countries that allow the use of private VPN servers. You can use it safely without any problems just like any other VPN app on the Play Store.

If it is not available in your country, Android Store will never list it on the recommendations or search results. On the other hand, it is widely popular in countries such as the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, and Asian nations.

4. Does HTTP Injector use data?

Of course, yes, HTTP injector uses data to connect to the internet and modify the network into a VPN. Your mobile data or WiFi must have a working internet connection to use this app.

5. How HTTP Injector works?

When you create a custom server, the HTTP injector generates a payload. It then connects to the server via secure proxies to grant VPN access. Read the article above for the complete process.

6. Is HTTP Injector safe?

The safety of using HTTP Injector is always a big question. This depends upon the private server provider through which you created a VPN account. Encryption means the transfer of data through a private portal.

Now, the portal generates two keys, one on the client side and the other on the server side. If anybody wants to unlock that portal, they should have both keys, which are usually some random hash codes.

Moreover, if you want to check the anonymity, connect to the server. Now, go to Google using an incognito browser and search for keywords such as ‘my IP address or ‘my location. Still, if that does not help, use the online version of a program known as the ‘DNS Leak Test’.

Final Verdict

Lastly, these are the steps on how to create HTTP injector file 2023 users to connect to a free VPN. If you have any questions or comments about the process, join our exclusive Facebook group. There you can interact with other users and ask for help from our fellow members. We are a community. Thank you!

Note: This article is not about bypassing SIM Card’s billing system to achieve http injector free internet. You have to pay for it, and that will cost you data. We don’t share any exploits that would cost mobile network companies a loss of revenue. However, you are still saving money without buying any premium VPNs.

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