Secret Online Earning in Nepal Methods for Students (Proven)

In this article, I will unveil my top-secret proven methods of online earning in Nepal with proof for students, teenagers, and jobless people with low investments. Discover how you can convert into a blogger or a full-time digital entrepreneur with my 100% legit strategies.

earn money online in nepal

Honestly, when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, it caused massive unemployment. In fact,  many people lost their jobs and those who were studying and working abroad were sent homes. Business owners were heavily suffering and running out of resources.

Today, the only industry that has remained on top is the ‘online industry’. In fact, entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and bloggers multiplied their profits during the COVID lockdown. While the rest of the world is making money online, we can do that too.

Guide to online earning in Nepal

I started digital entrepreneurship back in 2013, 8 years ago, & I have learned a lot over the years. To be honest, I am making full-time money and income from home by working online. The best part is that I don’t need a job or work in government offices day and night just to make 20k to 30K per month.

Hundreds of legit methods of online earning in Nepal are available due to their increasing trend and popularity. You can work on any of them, just make sure that they are legal and not blacklisted by the government. For example, there’s plenty of online betting, gambling, and crypto sites that are blacklisted by the government. Therefore, make sure to keep your background clean by not entering such websites that could put you in legal trouble.

Also, as a student, you need time management between your studies and work. Never quit your classes for the sake of business because you can continue this even after graduation. You can have a business running and a college degree at the same time. So, give proper time to your studies, continue only if it won’t affect your grades. Also, at least, you need to have a personal computer and a 24/7 internet connection to work.

With that said, let’s learn how to earn money online in Nepal for students and those who can’t find proper jobs even after having a degree on hands.

1. YouTube

YouTube is on our fourth list because of many reasons. It comes in second place in the world’s highest used search engine countdown and is ranked 2 worldwide among popular websites. YouTube has 2+ billion monthly active users with 31.05+ Billion total visits every month (as reported by SimilarWeb). This metric is expected to double by the year 2021.

YouTube has the potential to make one a millionaire overnight if he/she can drive only 1% of  YT traffic to their channel. As always, it requires hard work, plenty of videos, consistent upload, and knowledge of channel optimization to grow on YouTube. If you don’t want to show your face, then there are ‘creative commons’ videos that you can download, edit, and reupload to make money online in Nepal from YT.

A YouTube channel can be monetized from sponsorship (paid promotion) or in-built Google Advertisement features. If you grow your channel up to 1 lakh subscribers, you will automatically start getting recognized by sponsors. With proper marketing and influencing skills, it should not take more than 3-6 months for a brand new channel to grow. The live stream for premium subscriptions and super chat allows viewers to donate money for supporting the broadcaster.

If you want to monetize the channel through in-built Google AdSense, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  1. Minimum 1000 subscribers on the channel.
  2. Four thousand hours of watch time.
  3. Risk-free content that does not violate the program rules.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of YouTube:


  • Creative outlet
  • Audience growth and connection
  • Makes you famous
  • Earning with enjoyment
  • Follow your passion
  • No age or degree requirement
  • Physical office or address is not necessary
  • No pressure
  • 2+ Billion monthly users


  • Needs an extreme level of hard work in video editing
  • A team may be required if you don’t have the skills
  • Ideas are stolen
  • Working growth strategy and plans required
  • Need an audience and views for making money
  • Time-consuming
  • Requires high care to make channel risk free
  • YouTube could get ban anytime like recently it got banned in Pakistan.

2. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an online platform and network that allows us to display advertisements on websites and videos. We get paid for showing ads; additional profit occurs when someone clicks on those ads. Adsense can be utilized via Blogging and YouTubing, which we have explained later in this article.

The primary source of making money from Google Adsense for most people is Blogging. It is all about making weblogs (similar to websites), getting visitors to them, and earning them whenever someone clicks on the ads. Blogging is of two types:

  1. Niche Blogging
  2. Event Blogging

For the first type, niche blogging, our website is based on a single industry only, which we can determine based on our choice, interest, and research. For Event Blogging, we can make lakhs of rupees in a single day because it is based on highly searched events on a specific period of the year. Now, creating a website and blogging are broad topics, and it takes months to learn them, so we are not going deep into this post.

Note: You can join many online courses about event blogging and Google AdSense. Whenever you select a teacher, make sure that he/she has earned at least one crore rupee from that field before teaching you. Beware of the scam that people will guide you to blogging.

About 1/2 of the information related to blogging is already present on the internet & free resources like YouTube. Why pay for something that you can learn for free? Remember that successful people don’t share their secrets easily.

Therefore, most of the so-called blogging experts learn from YouTube, and when they start making a few pennies to dollars, they launch their courses. Don’t pay for anything that you can learn for free. Always remember, before you join any class, tell the instructor to show real proof of making at least 1 lakh rupees monthly from it. Otherwise, learn from YouTube because they did the same.

I made $1,969 (Rs. 2,35,906 Nepali Rupees) from Google Adsense between January to July last year.


  • become your own boss
  • bright future (more money) if worked consistently
  • low and cheap investment for startups
  • earn money by sitting at home
  • connects us with influencers, experts, and audiences in our industry
  • improves English and writing skills
  • increases knowledge
  • gives the power to express yourself
  • can make you a brand
  • gives more exposure
  • increase sales and business
  • gives financial and other freedom, for those who are exhausted with their regular jobs


  • Lonely feeling, you have to work alone
  • very tough to handle the business during illness, special events, or festivals.
  • A lot of freedom breaks your discipline and schedule.
  • Must have the ability to listen and accept criticism
  • time-consuming to learn
  • requires self-motivation and patience to become a pro blogger
  • writing skills must be 101% natural. Otherwise, you have to hire writers.
  • you have to be an all-round guy, from solving technical issues to handling clients
  • a bright computer screen can damage the eyes

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is the type of job that gives you self-employment, in which you are not working for any company or organization. You have to complete the offered tasks by the client to get paid. This is one of the best methods of online earning for students in Nepal.

Below is the screenshot proof of my first earning through Fiverr.

my first earning through fiverr report
Screenshot of my first earning through Fiverr after delivering the order (Dated: August 5, 2020)

The tasks could be as simple as photo background removal to massive web development projects, depends upon your skills. The money can be earned on a per hour or per task basis. Two of my favourite freelancing platforms are as follows:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Upwork

In Fiverr, the customers looking to buy service will reach out to you through the medium of gigs. In Upwork, you have to reach out to the buyers and send them an offer manually. Both platforms have an equal scope, but I prefer Fiverr more.

According to SimilarWeb statistics, Fiverr has over 53 million monthly users of buyers and sellers. Therefore, it is the largest selling Freelance platform on the market. To get started, you have to decide whether you are going to sell products or services, aka niche.

Some hot selling freelancing niches are:

  • Logo, Banners, & Business Cards
  • Pins Design
  • Social Media and YouTube Covers + thumbnails
  • Product research
  • Backlink services
  • Niche research
  • Keyword research
  • Technical SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Infographics
  • Website Setup
  • Theme customization
  • SEO Plugins setup
  • Document conversion
  • Content writing
  • Guest Posting
  • Web 2.0 & more


  • Flexibility for schedule and work-life balance.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Saves money for office and travel costs.
  • You can control your environment.
  • Choose any work time, day or night.
  • Choose your tasks.
  • Payment rates are higher than regular jobs.
  • Freedom to increase pay rates anytime.
  • No political influence.


  • Learning takes time.
  • Income won’t be 100% stable without proper skills and reputation.
  • It can create loneliness, just like blogging.
  • Chances of getting workload if worked without a team.
  • Hard to find clients at the startup phase due to no reputation.
  • Needs an extreme level of motivation.
  • Laziness can cost you money by surpassing the task deadline.
Bonus Tip: Be very niche-specific while creating a gig on Fiverr. A fresh new account gets more priority in the first week and has higher chances of ranking. So, optimize your gigs like SEO articles before publishing. Also, we get more offers from Tier 1 countries. Therefore, wake up at night between 7 pm to 3 am because of the time difference between Nepal and the USA. We get more buyer requests when it’s office time in America.

4. Local SEO Audit

I see a lot of people getting their hands into digital payment gateways these days. Most of them are dependent on  Payoneer Mastercard, and they use it for Facebook advertisements. These days, I see more than hundreds of FB Ads on creating your website. For your kind information, creating a website is super easy with the help of WordPress, which is 100% free software.

Those people who offer you cheap website services don’t tell you that you need an audience or users to grow your business. Just creating a dead website with no visitors is a bad investment, in my opinion. And visitors come from SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is of different types:

  • Local SEO
  • International SEO
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • WordPress SEO

I have clients from all over the world including Delhi (India), Pakistan, Nepal, and the United States. They all pay me monthly for doing Local SEO Audits for their websites. And this is an industry that anyone can join, learn, and earn.


  • $80 Billion dollars industry
  • Has made people millionaire overnight
  • High scope and demand
  • Helps to grow local businesses and website audience
  • Free traffic
  • Saves advertisement costs


  • Extremely technical
  • Need Guaranteed Results
  • No other cons

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is viral and can be done in various forms like blogging, e-mail outreach, SMM, etc. In affiliate marketing, we sell products that are available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, etc. Once they are sold, get a certain percentage of commission from the sale.

To become an affiliate, you have joined a network and select products. Then promote them through websites, emails, advertisements, or other mediums to generate sales.


  • Passive online income in Nepal
  • No earning limit
  • Cheaper to join
  • No expert marketing skills or experience is required.
  • Open hundreds of sites at once to double the profit, no limit.
  • Customer care and service is not a problem since we don’t own the products.
  • Only commission matters to us.
  • Independent working environment.
  • Self-made entrepreneurship
  • Better earning comes with better performance
  • hundreds of affiliate networks to join
  • No need to have personal selling products


  • Follow the merchant’s and affiliate program’s rules.
  • The competition might be varying, high or low depending upon niches.
  • Fewer chances of recurring customers since they will buy directly from vendors.
  • Excellent copywriting skills are required to convert visitors into buyers.
  • Payment is based only on commission made.
  • No guarantee of getting revenue if users don’t buy the products.
  • A lot of commitment, patience, and hard work is required to become successful.
  • difficult to choose between the right products to promote
  • no direct relationship with consumer and merchant

The most popular affiliate network is the Amazon Associates program. Similarly, you can do CPA that stands for Cost Per Action, which means getting paid for completing certain actions. CPA is similar to Affiliate programs that you can join from MaxBounty, Share A Sale, & other platforms.

Important: Read This

You will need a PC and high-speed internet to work. Proper computer knowledge and a good understanding of the English language. You don’t need any experience with the projects. However, it will require some money for investment, since it’s a business. Some other necessary things are risk-taking ability, hard work, dedication, and never give up attitude.

Remember, if you are looking for free fast and easy tricks, this post is not for you. These are legit career-building techniques that have made people millionaires overnight. Now, I am making a full time living online working on multiple projects. The key concept is that you must be the one who takes responsibility for your life. Do not let it go due to the fear of people and hearing criticism. When I had nothing, people didn’t come to see me or cared about me. So why should I listen to them now?

Try to motivate yourself; you don’t need a third person to do the job for you. You either become successful or quit dreaming, and you have no option. Also, when you are starting online, don’t just entirely depend on this. You need another source of income to feed your daily lifestyle before becoming successful.

Important: If you don’t want to work but sit home, relax, and expect money-making at the same time, then this is not for you. Well, by applying these methods, you don’t have to go to the office or visit the field.

But at least, you will have to dedicate a few 2 to 4 hours of your life to get a nice income. I have seen people like doctors and engineers who are tired and want to quit their jobs to make a full-time online.

A lot of people prefer saying “Ghar Basi Basi” in Nepali that translates as “by sitting at home” in English. I don’t like using the phrase “ghar ma basi basi” because we are not making money just for sitting at home and exploring the internet. We are working our a** off day and night to achieve our dream life. It’s not easy to do that. You have to respect the work in the sense that those who work online are real gems and entrepreneurs.

Let’s put all the fairy tales asides. Microsoft, one of the largest and highest-grossing companies in the world, has admitted that SEO (listed above) is the toughest marketing skill in the world. “Bloggers Funda” I’m a part of that Facebook group with 132K members. 1 lakh and 32k+ people didn’t join the group for no reason. Stop using the phrase “Ghar ma Basi Basi” because no one will pay you for sitting at home. You will have to outreach to people, work with them in a partnership or make a deal to grow an empire.

All the fame, all the stories, and the people with financial freedom who grew from zero levels came with a positive mind that respects hard works, believes in themselves, and never gave up. You can either set up or team or work alone, that’s your problem. But nobody is going to give you money if you sit there, fold your hands, and dream all the time.

I have a lot to say because the internet is so much spoiled with mixed information from insecure people who don’t want to see others progress. I won’t be saying those harsh words but I hope you won’t be using the word “ghar ma basi basi” again because it hurts the sentiments of real works who are attached with actual businesses behind the scenes. It’s just disrespectful to the online working community like people feel like we are not doing anything. Instead, you can use words like Freelancers, Bloggers, Digital Entrepreneurs, or anything similar.


How can I earn money from Internet in Nepal?

One can earn money online in Nepal through blogging and affiliate marketing. He/she can also provide freelancing services on Upwork and Fiverr. Some other methods to make money are YouTube and SEO Audit services.

How can I earn money by playing in Nepal?

You must have a gaming channel on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, etc. Similarly, a PayPal id or MasterCard is necessary to receive the income. Actually, I call it donation rather than earning because when you start streaming gameplays, people will donate you through special subscriptions or super chat, as seen on youtube.

How do I make real money online?

To make real money online, you have to start a real business. It could be in any form of blogging, video marketing, or SEO. There's no such thing as making money online in 10 minutes by downloading apps, that do not exist.

What is the best way to earn money online in Nepal?

Due to complications in receiving payments, Google AdSense and Amazon Associates Program are the best way to earn money online in Nepal. Because you don't need any international payment gateways to receive income. Just a bank account with the SWIFT wire transfer code will do the job for getting paid online from them.

Final Verdict

Well, these were the top 5 methods of online earning in Nepal. I only share genuine & working methods that I have already used to earn money online in Nepal.

Therefore, I’ve skipped a few other ways like Facebook AdBreak, Instant Articles, Dropshipping, etc. because of no prior experience. They need a lot of effort and time with a small payment, not enough to pay my bills. Moreover, there were many scams and frauds in the past related to them.

As prevention is always better than cure, I try to stay away from such things. If you have any questions or confusion about how to earn money online in Nepal for students, you may ask them in the comments below.

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