High Authority Ego Bait Link Building Method 2021

In this article, I will explain how to get backlinks from high-profile authority sites using ego bait link building method in 2021, it is 100% complete white hat as we are not buying or trading links.

Now, if you are doing search engine optimization and never heard of ego baits before, I’ll explain. Ego Bait is a technique that is used to attract high-quality backlinks by complementing people & blogs in your industry so that they add your link to their websites.

The best part? Ego baits can be used in any competitive niche for receiving natural backlinks from super-relevant sites.

ego bait link building technique

How to use ego baits link building method in 2021

Just like any other SEO technique, people have tried ego baits in the past and they have failed due to the lack of human psychology understandings. People take ego baits in the wrong way. On the bright side, this is still a strong 100% working white hat link building method. All you have to do is compliment people and make them feel recognized.

There are hundreds of bloggers who keep publishing new content every day hoping that someone will visit their site and most of them are searching for recognition. They go crazy when someone mentions them and want to share it with the people they care about. So, when we create this excitement, it is super easy to get links from ego bait campaign.

Sounds easy, right?

No. Most ego baits campaigns need research and the right approaching plan to get the desired links. In fact, this article by Kikolani has received tons of natural backlinks and thousands of shares across social media platforms using the exact same method that I’m about to reveal. So, keep reading.

Step 1: Finding the topic

The selection of the right topic plays a big role in how well the ego bait campaign work. First, you will have to narrow down and find topics that have a huge number of sites working on them.

Let’s say if you are promoting products related to some kind of proteins or mass-building supplements, you would want to select a large number of health & fitness blogs. Obviously, there are millions of health bloggers around the world who want attention and free promotion.

However, something like ‘top 100 health blogs’ that are based on macro niches does not really work these days because every single site is doing that way. Do the research and find a topic that is more specific and relevant to the people that matter. For example, you can go with something like ‘top 100 blogs to follow for bodyweight trainers’ or similar if you are working on a different niche. However, always make sure that there are more websites available on the topic enough to filter out your targets.

Step 2: Find top blogs or websites

Once you have decided the topic of your ego bait campaign, the second step is to find the blogs or websites that could fit in the list. You can enter a simple command on Google search to extract the list.

Google Command: allintitle:”niche keywords”

For example allintitle:how to start bodybuilding

google command to find list of ego bait sites

You can also use SimilarWeb, Alexa, and other directories to extract the list of your targets. Don’t forget to select the authority .gov and .edu sites because they are the ones that get mentioned rarely somewhere on the internet.

So, what is the ideal number of sites to add to the list?

You should add at least 100 sites for your ego bait campaign to maximize the chances of getting links. Let’s say you get a response from 10% of people, you will get at least 10 links. If it is lower than 100, then you get fewer links. Now, upon doing calculations, 10% is very less as compared to the efforts you put in making up the page only until you follow the next steps which could help you maximize the conversion rates. But the simple concept is that the more people and blogs you add to your list, the more links you get.

Just make sure that the list is more appealing and legitimate, add some real top performers in the industry in the top 10 countdowns. This avoids the risk of changing the psychology of people to think that the list is made for getting links only. Just balance the list by adding a mix of more and fewer authority sites to make everyone happy.

Step 3: Prepare the ego bait page

The more effort you put into preparing the page, the more positive outcome you will get. Always follow the SEO guidelines and design the page professionally at the same time.

Below are some professional tips that take time to prepare but look more appealing & professional when you create an ego bait page.

  • Always put a square image of the author or their brand’s logo.
  • Unique & impressive description of the blog.
  • Add Link to their best blog posts.
  • Create a unique featured image, badge, logo, or similar graphic to make the first best impression for your page.

You can get the graphics work done by using Canva for free or hire a designer on Fiverr or Upwork if you have the budget. To make the strategy more powerful, create an embedding code on the badge that people can use to place links on their sites.

Step 4: Inform the targets

As a final step, it is our duty to inform the targets about the list and tell them about their achievement positions. You can do that via an e-mail outreach campaign by navigating through their site’s contact page. The best part about ego baits is that it is not necessary to appeal for any links because people are just happy to be included on the list of top sites. So they easily share the content or link back to them.

Final Verdict

So, this is how you create an effective ego bait link building campaign that actually attracts a lot of natural backlinks. Just in case, any of the targets didn’t reply, give it a second try and send them another mail after a week. Now, tell me in the comments how you feel about my ego baits technique. [c ya]

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