Freelancing in Nepal – A Decisive Guide to Fiverr Marketing

This is a revised and decisive guide to freelancing in Nepal with Fiverr marketing and selling the most profitable gigs online. It is a well-known fact that there are over more than 1 billion freelancers all over the world. According to data, 86% of freelancers work from home, while 94% do it full time, and 60% work while traveling.

freelancing industry contribution data infographic

Moreover, the freelancing industry contributed more than $1.3 trillion dollars to the United States economy alone in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Likewise, the freelance community is contributing between $23 to $42 trillion dollars annually worldwide in 2022.

That is why I am writing this article about how to do freelancing in Nepal to expand one of the world’s most profitable businesses in the country. This guide contains a complete blueprint and secrets of a successful Fiverr profile and ranking gigs that sell.

Let’s start.

Chapter 1: The Basics of Freelancing in Nepal

Please remember that freelancing will take time to learn, a few months, before generating revenue. There are levels of service providers depending upon their experience and user reviews. Once you reach that level 1 seller status or get enough star ratings (10+), your profile and gigs will organically boost to the next level.

how to earn money from fiverr in nepal

1.1 Introduction to Fiverr

Fiverr is an online freelancing platform connecting workers with clients. Freelancers create services and publish them in the form of ‘Gigs’ so that a buyer can purchase them.

In other words, Fiverr is like a broker who connects & distributes goods between service providers and potential customers. The consumer will pay for the service in advance to maintain the integrity of the platform.

The amount will be released only after the service has been successfully delivered by the seller. Fiverr implements these rules to ensure that both the buyers and sellers are happy.

Requirement: Passport

Fiverr asks for your Passport as a legal document to verify your identity as a genuine person. They don’t accept driving licenses or national citizenship certificates for freelancers in Nepal. A passport is the only acceptable document as of this writing.

So, make sure to issue a passport by visiting the official government office while learning these techniques. It may cost around Rs. 5,000+ Nepalese Rupees. Also, it could take up to 2 to 3 months to arrive if you live outside of the Kathmandu valley.

1.2 Skills Development To Deliver Quality Services

If you are looking to make money online through freelancing, the first should be to build the necessary skills so that we can deliver the services appropriately. Therefore, take your time to find the expertise and invest in learning the skills if you can. Always gain confidence to deliver it better than your competitors.

And, one of the very common practices is to use your pre-existing skills. Suppose you might be an engineer having knowledge of AutoCAD drawings. So, you can deliver services like 2D drawings, valuation, and estimation of the property. Similarly, there are jobs from different departments, including every faculty, not just engineering.

1.3 Places to Learn Skills

For some reason, if you don’t have any skills that can help someone, there are always multiple resources to learn them. First of all, try finding a local institution or training center to develop the talent. If you cannot find one, we can always learn it online from the following platforms.

  • Udemy (Free & Paid)
  • Skillshare (Paid)
  • YouTube Videos (Free)
  • LinkedIn Learning (Paid)
  • Teachable
  • Thinkific
  • Blender Cloud Training (3D Animation Training)

1.3 Examples of Services on Fiverr

Below are some of the examples of service ideas to deliver on Fiverr:

  • Android & iOs App development
  • Website Development (News Portal & E-Commerce)
  • Web Design (Theme Construction for WordPress Sites)
  • Content Writing (News, Articles, Editorials, etc.)
  • Ghost Writing
  • Graphics Design (Logo Design, Infographics, Photoshop & similar)
  • Video Editing
  • Narration & Voice Over for videos
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 3D Modelling
  • Animation, Rigging, Sculpting, Compositing, Lighting, etc. (Learn how to use Blender, Houdini, Maya, etc.)
  • Video Game Development (Mostly Unity)
  • Engineering Works
  • Converting File Formats (Example: PDF to Word)
  • English Related Tasks (For people with proficiency in English)
  • Writing Codes (Programming)
  • Social Media Marketing & Management
  • Translation
  • Music & so many more.

To find the potential of an industry, just visit the Fiverr website as a customer. Then, you can use the search feature to find related services. There you can check the gig’s price, reviews, and ratings to learn about its demand.

Chapter 2: Profile Optimization

Before anyone purchases anything from you, they will 100% check your profile to make sure that you are genuine. Therefore, after signing up, we must optimize the Fiverr profile and make it stand out.

It is all about gaining trust and confidence in people so that they can spend money on you. So, it is essential to fill in your qualifications, language, skills, certifications, tagline, and proper description.

When it comes to profile pictures, don’t put a random selfie. Wear some formal dress with nice background and shoot a clean headshot with an HD camera. Don’t forget to put a smile on your face because it brings positivity. Just a small grin on the side of your cheeks, don’t be overcomplicated with your smile though.

2.1 Profile Description To Gain Trust

Whenever you fill in the description, make sure to insert relevant keywords in it. One of the best methods to find industry-related keywords on Fiverr is by using their search box. Just type your seed keyword and the autosuggest will automatically show you the finest results on the dropdown list beneath it.

fiverr keyword research
Fiverr keyword research technique

Also, check your competitor’s profiles and find what keywords they are using to rank their profiles and gigs.

2.2 Take Fiverr Test for Authenticity

To make your profile more authentic, you can take ‘Fiverr Tests’ for a particular skill that you put on your profile. For some skills, it might not be available but is mostly present for many.

It is like an interview where they ask you around 30-40 questions related to the service that you are providing. You have to complete the test within a specified time period (normally 30 minutes). After passing the test, Fiverr will display a green checkmark which is a sign that you have good knowledge of the topic and people can trust you.

Chapter 3: The Buyer’s Pyramid for Gig Pricing

Till now, we have developed our skills and optimized our profile. As a next step, it is important to understand the buyer’s pyramid before creating our first service or gig.

The Buyer’s Pyramid is something that top sellers are doing in practice to get more clients. It is the value ladder that attracts customers to step in and try your offer.

Basically, The Buyer’s Pyramid is made up of the following elements:

  1. Lead Magnet
  2. Low Ticket Offer
  3. High Ticket Offer

Fiverr's Buyers Pyramid

Let’s expand it more.

3.1 The Lead Magnet As the First Approach

As you already know, pyramids have many steps and we need to start from the first bottom to reach the peak. So, in order to make your profile visitors climb the first step of the Pyramid, you will need something called the ‘Lead Magnet’.

Again, Lead Magnet is something with the extremely essential value that you can give away either for free as a bonus or at an extremely low cost. It is not necessary that the lead magnet has to be extremely useful. However, it must contain a value of money that is worth paying for when they buy from others.

For example, if I am delivering services related to SEO, I can provide Page Speed Optimization as a bonus. Or, I can provide them with free keyword research or a personal one-on-one consultation. Remember that all these free services will cost money if the customers buy it from others.

Now, once you become a featured top-rated seller, you can remove these items or reduce them. However, as a beginner, it is super necessary to provide a lead magnet to grab the attention and create a pleasant feeling for buyers.

Always remember that the service that you deliver on the lead magnet should be so efficient that the customer is ready to jump into the next step of the ladder.

3.2 Low Ticket Offer for Conversion

So, when you get them to step into the lead magnet, you need to create something called the ‘Low Ticket Offer’. It is packaged at a slightly higher but affordable price such that anyone can purchase it to get more familiar with your services & work.

The low ticket offer should be something helpful and a setup for the next step on the ladder. For example, if I am providing a Search Engine Optimization service, my low ticket offer could be something like On Page SEO for 10 pages. The numbers might vary.

However, the low ticket offer will not include services like SEO for a whole website with hundreds of pages. You will save this for the next step.

3.3 High Ticket Offer for Maximum Profit

So, once your low ticket is complete, you need to provide an actual ‘High Ticket Offer’. As you move up the Pyramid, provide more decent value for the price. The offer should be a complete package, something that you retain on a monthly basis. But the goal of the Pyramid is to get people to step into that lead magnet before they start spending the actual big money.

3.4 Package Services To Offer Users for Trial

Our goal is to make money from Fiverr and help people at the same time. Therefore, to achieve that, Fiverr has facilitated the 3 packages offering system. Before we start making our gig, we must decide what our Lead Magnets are, and what low and high ticket offers can be.

Also, as you move up the Pyramid, include the services below the steps to get most of the people to purchase it. The final high ticket offer should be your master plan that makes the highest amount of money possible and makes buyers satisfied.

The buyer’s pyramid is not some kind of fantasy. I actually use this to attract as many as customers. There are a lot of people not creating packages and they end up getting no customers. Some people say that lowering prices will reduce the trust and belief in quality work, which is absolutely ridiculous.

People won’t purchase your big product or service unless you let them try out something for free or at an extremely low cost. So, structuring your gigs properly and arranging them is really important.

I normally start from $5 as a lead magnet on Fiverr as most people also filter out the results so that they can get the best price. Now, if you are a top-level seller on Fiverr, you can put the price according to your wish. But for a beginner with no influence and star ratings, just start out with $5 services.

Chapter 4: Creating & Publishing Gigs

When it comes to the Fiverr Gig cover, the proper size of the image is 550x370px. As usual, check the images of your competitors to get ideas of what to put in the cover photo. Photoshop and Canva are my favorite tools for creating graphics. Plus, add some additional photos of the outcome or final delivery to give hints about how you’re going to help people. Similarly, record a small video showing your results after work so that people can trust you more.

Download Fiverr Gig Image Templates

4.1  Writing Description That Works

The Fiverr search system works based on the factors like keywords, response rates, delivery time, price, and reviews. They try to boost the visibility of new profiles for the first 7 days. So, in that duration, if you use proper keywords in your gigs, you can really show in higher search results.

First of all, search for the pre-existing services on Fiverr. Then, filter out the highest selling gigs with the best star ratings. Open those services separately on a new tab in your browser. Now, copy the descriptions of each gig and paste them into a notepad or Wordpad (word document) one by one.

After successfully copying the competitor’s descriptions, start to read and observe them. It will give you a lot of ideas about the words that people are using to rank on Fiverr. If you discover any important word, term, or phrase with significance, highlight them using color or underlines.

Now, make a list of those words or phrases with significant values on a separate blank document. Those are the terms to combine and use in your own gig description. However, don’t copy the entire sentence as it is against the Fiverr policies. Just pick out the powerful words that make sense and compel the readers.

4.2 Elements of Effective Description

Also, while writing the gig description, make sure to include the following elements:

  1. Put the keyword in the title
  2. The first paragraph of the description should be a single-line highlighted quote with keywords in it. For example, “High-Quality Android App Development at the best affordable price”.
  3. The second paragraph should contain the services that you offer in the lead magnet as per the Buyer’s Pyramid. Ex. “For $5, I will provide: ….” and then followed by bullet points.
  4. Similarly, the third and fourth paragraphs should contain unique details of your low ticket and high ticket offerings.
  5. In the fifth paragraph, mention why they should purchase from you than buying from others.
  6. Fiverr only allows 1200 words on the description. Therefore, be really tricky while using the words to save space. In the end, I like to mention things like 100% satisfaction guaranteed or contact me before buying. This is super necessary as you get to know whether you can do the job or not before the purchase has been made.

There’s also a FAQ section where you can answer commonly asked questions from the buyers. It’s a good practice to include the gig requirements either on the description or FAQ to clear confusion away.

Chapter 5: Selling Fiverr Gigs

After publishing your gigs, now comes the most difficult part, which is to get your first customer on Fiverr. One of the natural ways to do it is by ranking your gigs.

Follow these tips to rank your gigs:

  • Set the price to $5 while starting off as most people filter out the budget.
  • Write a top-notch gig description using the tricks mentioned above.
  • Make keyword-rich eye-catching images and titles
  • Use proper tags
  • Stay Online
  • Work on improving your gigs as much as you can to get maximum impressions on Fiverr organic search.

5.1 Send Direct Offer Using Buyer Requests

Another method to get your first client on Fiverr is to use the ‘buyer request’ feature. It allows buyers to post custom gig requirements and you can respond to them. Open your Fiverr seller dashboard and click on More. There you will find the option for ‘Buyer Requests’.

To become successful with getting customers through Buyer Request, you must understand where your buyers are coming from. For example, I work mainly in the SEO industry.  Also, my target audiences are people living in developed Tier 1 countries.

So, if I want to get clients from foreign nations outside Asia, I need to stay awake at night from 7 Pm to 4 Am morning. Our time zone is different and we live on the other ends of the world. Therefore, the highest amount of buyer request I get from Tier 1 countries is at midnight. So, it’s important for me to stay away at night to get more clients.

Normally, when newbies send an offer to buyer requests, they do it completely wrong. They write about how they are pros, can do it at a completely cheap affordable price, and try to outsmart the competition. Guess what?

That’s the exact same thing every new seller is doing on Fiverr. Telling something like “Hey! My name is XYZ. I have this many years of experience. You should pick me because I am the best at doing it at low cost” won’t work.

A good way to respond to Buyers’ requests is by simply telling them that you have done the work before. No need to be too fancy by writing an essay about yourself as nobody really cares about reading it.

If the price that buyer wants is extremely low, tell them that you can do the job but their budget is extremely below the market standards. Also, mention the time it would take you to complete the task.

Now, when you do this, two things will happen. Either the person will respond to you and start having a conversation if they are serious. Or ignore you if they fall under the second category.

Again, there are two types of people who post buyer requests on Fiverr. First, are the entrepreneurs who are too busy with their schedules. They don’t want to browse through the Fiverr search feature to find individual gigs. They are the ones willing to invest real money.

The second category is the ones who want to purchase expensive services at a cheap cost (usually $5 dollars). So, you have to be very tricky while responding to such.

There should not be any regret when you don’t get a response from the second category of people because they want everything done for $5 only. Let’s say they want to get a website set up with a budget of $5 only, which is beyond our standards. That’s completely fine as most of them are headaches and it’s good to let them go.

This is all about human psychology and we can’t really do anything about it. It’s not in our hands whether a person will respond or not. But when they do respond, and if the task is heavy, tell them that you’ve already done such projects before. Mention the price that it will take you to fulfill the quality work requirements at a specified time.

When they read your message and reply, your next step is to describe the things that you will perform during the process of project completion. Give them a reason why it should cost them a higher price of money by describing the tasks that you will complete. This will set your high-quality standards and separate you from the cheap low-quality workers. Real serious investors only care about quality and value, which is what you should aim for.

5.2 Gain Customers via Social Media Promotion

One of the common practices to get orders on Fiverr is to use social media. There are hundreds of niche relevant Facebook Groups, Twitter Spaces, Pinterest Boards, Sub Reddits forums, etc. that allow you free promotion. Find them and post the things that you offer there.

In addition to that, you can create your own page or groups to spread the word about your business. Advertising on such platforms and using hashtags while posting can help. Similarly, you can create a youtube channel and make videos about your services to drive clients on Fiverr.

5.3 Sell Services Through Website

There are millions of people who are looking for services outside Fiverr. A common way to reach out to them is by building your own personal website or blog and then ranking it on search engines.

You can do email marketing, build a following through your blog by educating people, or set up an automation system that sends people directly into Fiverr to purchase your services. SEO is one of the top techniques to find organic targetted customers.

5.4 Ask Friends and Families to Try Out

To get started earning a good amount with Fiverr, you will need at least 10-star ratings so that people and algorithms recognize you. For beginners, it is very difficult to get those ten ratings due to the huge increase in competition.

Therefore, another good approach to reach that goal is by contacting the people surrounding you who are in need of a service and letting them know that you can work for them. Tell your friends or family members that you can work for them on Fiverr at a low price (just to get the star ratings).

5.5 Affiliate with Local Companies To Send You Clients

There might be hundreds of local companies in your area who do the same work as yours. Approach them and offer them something good if they send you clients who visit their stores. It could be a certain fixed amount of money for every client that they refer or pay them on the basis of percentage.

5.6 Pitch Emails To Gain Attention

If buyers cannot find you, then you have to find them first, something you need to do before performing email outreach. There are hundreds of methods and platforms to find customers and business owners willing to pay is listed below.

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • People doing poor social media advertisements
  • Craigslist
  • Yelp
  • Online Directories
  • SimilarWeb, and other website listings.
  • Online Forums & Web 2.0 sites.

All you have to do is find their official websites where they publish their email addresses or any sort of contact information. Once you discover them, just pitch them an email offering your services. This works in any industry, any niche, and all sorts of gigs. Cold email outreaching is itself a huge topic and I can write about it all day long. But for the sake of now, I want to end it here.

Chapter 6: Avoid These Things For Safety

I never work with South Asian clients as they are hard to convince and do not want to pay you well. They want to squeeze your skills to get the maximum benefits at an extremely low cost, which is totally unfair for the time you’ve spent learning those skills. Whenever I get messages from people living in India or Pakistan, I politely reply to them by saying “Sorry! I can’t help you” without being rude.

The world is full of good as well as evil-minded people. While Fiverr is an excellent platform for online jobs, you will often encounter people that you need to avoid for your safety. One of those categories is the people who ask you to create accounts on some other platforms.

They will ask you to give them access to your computer through AnyDesk or any other medium so that they can do nasty things such as uploading a virus or getting your credit card information.

Therefore, whenever you get such types of messages, do not respond and report immediately to the Fiverr staff as a lot of people have fallen victims to this.

Similarly, there come other categories of people who claim that they will offer you jobs outside Fiverr. They will try to convince you so that you provide them with your social media details, WhatsApp or telegram number, or google hangouts address. These types of messages come from people that are trying to scam you.

Also, Fiverr does not allow sharing of your personal details such as email address, Facebook id, or so on. Therefore, if you want to keep your account safe, block these types of messages immediately.

Another type of people to avoid on Fiverr is the ones who say they will send you cheques and Amazon Gift Cards in return for the work you do for them. Actually, people can send messages to anyone on Fiverr, including you. Only make payments inside Fiverr’s built-in payment system which is 100% safe and never make a deal outside to avoid being scammed.

These types of people will block you without sending any cheque or gift card after you’ve done their work. Therefore, if someone tells you so, respond by telling them to make a payment in advance by purchasing your gig through the official Fiverr website. Otherwise, don’t waste your time on such people.

These are the few types of people that are trying to spoil the reputation of Fiverr and you need to be cautious about them. Therefore, just be aware of them before getting started to sell and everything will be fine as there are millions of other legit and genuine buyers on Fiverr.


1. Can we do freelancing in Nepal?

100% Yes, we can do freelancing in Nepal via various national and international platforms. These sources are being recognized as legit income sources from the government as well.

2. Is Fiverr available in Nepal?

Yes, Fiverr is available in Nepal for both buyers and sellers.

3. How can I withdraw money from Fiverr in Nepal?

There are two best methods to withdraw money from Fiverr in Nepal. They are using Payoneer online transfer service or direct bank transfer via WIRE. However, you will have to issue a PAN Card from the tax department and present it to your bank in order to pay the 1% tax to comply with the government rules.

4. How much does a freelancer earn in Nepal?

The payout rates of a freelancer are the same for an individual living in Nepal or any other country. Kindly read the topmost opening lines from this guide to understand the potential of freelancing in Nepal.


In addition to the tips mentioned above, remember these few tips to maximize your success rate on Fiverr.

  • Learn proper skills for customer satisfaction.
  • Understands the buyer’s pyramid and value ladder.
  • Make a keyword-rich profile, title, and description.
  • Try to remain online most of the time.
  • Speak fluently in English while having a conversation.
  • Make your response rate as good as possible.
  • Deliver on the time.
  • Ask your customer to leave a 5-star rating after delivering.
  • Be active on Fiverr Community Forums.
  • Always put a gig video.
  • Keep cancellation & refund rates extremely low.
  • Increase social shares of your gigs.
  • Publish your gig link on your own blog or a third-party website.

These are only the additional efforts that you need to put in if you aren’t getting any orders on Fiverr. As long as you put the right description, title, and catchy thumbnail as described earlier, you don’t need to do all this stuff. People will naturally come searching for you after getting some reviews. Freelancing is a topic that one person can talk about all day long and it’s never over.

I hope that this guide on freelancing in Nepal through Fiverr has helped you. If you implement the techniques and strategies mentioned above properly, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a top-level seller on Fiverr & making a huge amount of money. It’s your turn now. If you have any questions, queries, or just want to say hello, use the comment form below is all yours.

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