Happy Holi 2022 Wishes, Shayari, Quotes, Status & HD Images

Welcome to the best Happy Holi 2022 wishes with HD images, wallpaper, and video download with the latest Shayari, Status, SMS, & a lot more details for sharing across Facebook and WhatsApp. The Hindu festival of colors has arrived and this will last for over two to five days depending upon the culture, caste, and celebration country. Our collection of Holi status contains greetings for your friends, family members, as well as your love partner with statuses that are super romantic.

best happy holi 2022 wishes, greetings, images, shayari, status, quotes, images hd wallpaper download

Believe it or not, Holi is the most awaited festival for Hinduism worshippers to celebrate & enjoy with loved ones. It also provides a unique occasion for most of us to share our feelings and express love using warm colors.

We exchange foods, go out on the streets to have parties, play traditional Holi songs, & display performances in most parts of the country. Holi Dance is one of the most famous cultures in Indian & Nepal. It is a tradition started by our ancestors that we must preserve and continue playing for generations to come. For love birds, Holi is similar to Valentine’s day where they can enjoy the hours out by dressing up having fun with colors & exciting items.

Happy Holi 2022 Wishes & Details

Below are the details of Holi this year. Also, don’t miss the FAQ section where we have added a much exciting and anticipated real story of the origin of the Holi Festival. With that in mind, let’s get started.

  • Happy Holi 2022 Date: March 28 (Sunday) – March 29 (Monday) – International.
  • Holi 2078 Date: Chaitra 14 – Chaitra 16 (Nepali Terai Holi)
  • Celebrated By: Hindu, Buddhist, Sheikh, Newar & Jains
  • Also known As: Hori (Dotali) – the festival of colors, love, & spring
  • Main Countries Origin: India & Nepal
  • First Day: Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi
  • Second Day: Rangwali Holi

Happy Holi Wishes 2022 (English)

Below are all the happy holi 2022 greetings in English.

Wish 1: Let the festival of holi embrace the message of love and spread peace and prosperity within your family & friends. Wish you Happy Holi 2022.

Wish 2: May all the colors that you put spread love & affection on your face. Happy Holi 2022.

Wish 3: Wishing you a colorful and joyous holi with the best greeting for the prosperity of your family, friends & loved ones.

Wish 4: May the gods and goddesses observing you and celebrating colors with you prepare an exciting future for you. Holi 2022 Mubarak to your friends, families, and loved ones.

Wish 5: May this year’s Holi bring positive vibes & color your mind with delightful happiness. Holi ki Subhkamanaye.

Top Happy Holi 2022 Shayari (Hindi)

Below are all the happy holi 2022 wishes in hindi shayari.

Written & prepared by myself – first try 😀 – more after this.

1: “Mausam thaa suhana, hushna thaa dhuwa dhuwa
hum aur tum uss khoobsurat pal ka intajar karte bit gaya jamana
Holi toh bas ek bahana he, humko toh aap k pass thaa aana
Rango ki khusiyon se aap ko he rangana
Happy Holi 2022 meri jaan”

 – Mahesh Panth

2: “Dilon main tum apni, uss pyar k liye bekarar ho
Betabiyan toh nazron main he, aakhon main ikrar leke chal rahe ho,
yu hee banaye rakhna humse ye pyar aur muhabbat ko,
issi khusi main bahein kholke holi mubarak ho

– Mahesh

Happy Holi 2022 Status & Quotes

wish you happy holi 2021 hindi shayari status

Jeevan bhara rahe tumhara rangon se
aagan bhara rahe khusiyon se
pyar aaye indradhanus se
chalo milkar pyar ki holi manaye

holi 2021 shayari

Iss holi k mahol main, dekho aur mahsoos karo mere pyar ko
kar raha hu saccha ijhar, samhal rha hu mere dil ko
rang, khusiya, aur dher sara pyar bharmar ho,
yehi karunga duwa rab se, holi 2022 ki aap ko mubarak ho

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shayari of happy new year 2021

Tumhara pyar aur apno ka sath se ye Zindagi rangeen hai,
Aray pichlay saal jo aapne humay rumal diya thaa,
uss ko humney aaj v sajaya rakha he
Mohtarma holi k gulal rangon se,
aaj v wo rumal aap k pyar k liye rangeen hai.
Thoko taali.

happy holi 2021 hindi shayari

Aaj Holi k rango se nehlane ka din aaya he,
itni sachhi aur pakki dosti ya pyar he humara,
koii apko pehle na rangaye,
issi liye sabse pehle ye happy holi 2022 ka subhkamana aapko behjwaya he.

happy holi 2021 photo

Bhagwan ki har kripa aap pe barse,
Aap k khusiyon se suraj v lehraye,
Ye rang kamiyab kare aap ko itna,
ki app se haath milane ko har insaan tarse.
Happy Holi 2022

Happy New Year 2021 new hindi shayari for love

Khuda k reham se ye wakt laut aaya he,
gulal k rango se ye dosti mehak laya he,
tumhe rang lagane ko dil itna bekakar he,
chahat aur siddat ka naam ye nahi toh aur kya he,
mere dost holi 2022 mubarak

happy holi shayari 2021

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Happy Holi 2022 Wallpaper

Below is a full HD wallpaper of Holi 2022 that you can download.

happy holi 2021 wallpaper full hd

Romantic Happy Holi SMS 2022

1: Thank you for painting my life with colors of pleasant surprises, happiness, and love. Wish you a very warm Happy Holi dear.

2: From every corner of my heart, I wish these colors of Holi make our affection and love deeper by increasing romance, happiness, smile, and joy. A delightful Holi darling.

3: On this once-in-a-year special occasion of Holi, I want to state that my life is incomplete without your presence. Let’s splash in these colors of love and increase our bond. Happy Holi dear.

4: Let’s have fun with a rainbow of colors to bring the best in our lives. Merry Holi my dear life partner.

5: Your presence in my life has dipped hues with the best moments. Holi Mubarak love.

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Happy Holi Quotes

  • Always color your mind with brilliance, happiness & positivity. Wishing you an extremely colorful & positive happy holi.
  • Let these colorful moments cherish forever with good health, excitement, and love. Happy Holi.

Happy Holi 2022 Video

One of favorite is the Pahari holi that is played by a bunch of group of men who wear costumes and went out on the streets to sing and dance. Below is a small glimpse of how the festival is celebrated in Pithoragarh titled ‘Holi Ko Khele Nand Lal’, I totally enjoy this performance as my grandpa used to play it too & I remember him every time I watch this.

Happy Holi Song 2022

#1: Rangibirangi Holi

Genre: Indian Animation

Released by: Infobells – Hindi (YouTube)

#2: हयाप्पी होली

Genre: Nepali music industry

Singers: Durgesh Thapa & Laxmi Malla

Artists: Durgesh Thapa, Jasoda Karki, Bimal Adhikari, Ranju Sunam, Shreekrishna Bam Malla, Prachi Lama, Obi Raymajhi & more.

#3: Hori Khele Raghuveera

Genre: Bollywood music

Singers: Amitabh Bachan, Salman Khan, Hema Malini, & more.

Artists: Durgesh Thapa, Jasoda Karki, Bimal Adhikari, Ranju Sunam, Shreekrishna Bam Malla, Prachi Lama, Obi Raymajhi & more.

Released By: T-Series on Youtube

Happy Holi 2022 Images Download

Here is a photo of the festival that you can right click and save to apply as HD wallpaper on your computer.

happy holi 2021 wallpaper image photo

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1. Why is Holi celebrated in short?

In short, Holi is a Hindu festival that represents the victory of good over bad and welcomes spring. The culture started in ancient times when a demon princess  'Holika' was burnt when she was trying to burn 'Prahlad' but backfired against her.  These days people reference Holi with different cultures but it was mainly originated from the stories of Prahlad & Hiranyakashyap.

2. What is the real story of Holi?

The real story of Holi originated in Satya Yuga when Lord Vishnu slew the brother of the demon king known as 'Hiranyakashipu'. To take revenge from the almighty and rule the entire universe, Hiranyakashyap took an indestructible boon from lord Brahman by praying and meditating for him. First, he asked for the boon of immortality but it was not possible. Therefore, almighty Brahma gave him the boon that he could not be defeated by any human, animal, demon, or god.

Hiranyakashyap used the boon against mankind and took over the world by passing through everyone who stood in his way, including the Devatas. Many years later, when the sins of the demon king reached their peak, a worshipper and supporter of Lord Vishnu was born in the form of the Hiranyakashyap's own son. His name was Prahlad and used to pray Vishnu in every moment. Hiranyakashyap found him chanting for Vishnu and arrested Prahlad to take revenge for his brother.

Lord Vishnu was magically protecting Prahlad in every attempt made by the Asura to kill him. Out of frustrations, the demon king called up his sister Holika had the ability to resist fire at any cost. However, she forgot that she was also cursed. She took Prahlad with her and they both sat on flames of fires. Out of miracle, Holika suffered the effects of the curse and was burnt to ashes whereas there was not a single scratch or mark on the body of Prahlad who was being protected by God. That day is now celebrated as 'Holika Dahan' referred to as Holi, in short, celebrate the victory of good over evil.

Later, Hiranyakashyap was Killed by Narsimha, the incarnation or avatar of Lord Vishnu. Narsimha was neither a human, god, demon, or animal. That is the real story of how the Holi festival was started.

3. What is happy holi 2022 date?

Holi 2022 will happen on March 28 and March 29 as an internationally celebrated date. However, the exact date has differences depending upon the time zone, geographical locations, and different cultures or caste of people living in the community.

4. What do they throw at Holi?

The main object used to celebrate Holi is the powered paint known as 'Gulal' which is a mix of crimson red. Some other color variations include yellow, blue, and green mainly. People also use water paints known as 'Holi rang' which is a mixture of different colours. Also, pichkari 'pronounced as pitch + kari' (a handy tool used for spraying liquid) and 'Lolas' (water balloons) filled with colors are used to throw at Holi.

5. Is Holi dangerous?

Holi was completely safe in the past as people used natural colors made from the herbs found in the environment. Nowadays, those colors are manufactured by industries using artificial agents. Despite the claims that those colors are safe, it is still risky for health if they stick to your skin for a long time. Holi is dangerous in the sense that if you inhale the artificial color powder or paint water, it may cause infections as many cases are already reported in the past. Therefore, play Holi safe.

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Final Verdict

The above messages can be sent in advance to Hindu followers. We hope that you enjoyed our ultimate collection of best happy holi 2022 wishes, Shayari, wallpapers, status, SMS, videos, songs, and other information posted here. This year’s holi of 2022 is expected to happen between March 28 – 29 of the calendar year. Hindus living around the world celebrate this week as the happiest days of their lives by sending tons of gifs, drinking the stuff, eating, and enjoying colors with friends. Now, it’s your turn. If you want to submit any of the new holi quotes by yourself, free free to write a comment below.

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