How To Start An Anonymous Blog Online 2021 [8 Secret Tips]

Anonymous blogging is a form of publishing online media in which the identity of the author or creator is completely hidden. There are several reasons for it, maintaining privacy is one of them. Therefore, in this article, I will unveil some secret tips on how to start an anonymous blog in 2021 that will protect your identity from public readers.

how to start an anonymous blog

When blogging came into the market, then online diaries did become a fashion in the digital world. In fact, it changed the entire journalism bringing a new revolution and trend. After that, it started getting more commercial, and concern for privacy arose for bloggers.

This critical issue inspired developers to find new solutions. That is why an anonymous blog came into existence allowing writers to share views, opinions, and creativity without revealing their actual identity. It is crucial because it keeps your personal space away from the professional blogging career. Also, there are fewer chances of getting your niches leaked or revealed.

How To Start An Anonymous Blog WordPress Tips

Anonymous blog is not a new topic & there are a plethora of reasons to start blogging anonymously. One of them is that a niche site focuses on the content only, rather than the author behind it. Another reason might be that you want privacy. Also, you don’t want to get connected with the public in any way as a person.

Starting off, you will need to understand how your data is being collected. There are different ways to detect the owner of a website. We can check the IP Address, word usage, frequency, and style of writing. Also, the language and vocabulary make it easy to deanonymize. So, you will have to stay safe from these things.

So, this article is about an anonymous blog – ways to start and promote it in 2021. This keeps the personal information of the author private giving freedom, privacy, and safety.

Read till the end for extra anonymous blogging tips & bonus.

1. Domain Privacy

A domain can leave your footprints behind and reveal your identity. Therefore, the first process of anonymous blog creation starts with enabling domain privacy inside your registrar’s dashboard. It hides the owner’s personal information, including name, address, phone number, and other details from whois data. Moreover, if you want to go deep fake, use a different email address and name upon registration.

Enabling, Domain Secret or Privacy costs less than a dollar depending upon the registrar.

2. Hide Admin Information

For extra privacy, don’t use your real name in the username of WP Admin. Also, modify the first, last & nickname to a pseudonym by navigating to Users > Your Profile & General > E-mail address inside the WordPress dashboard.

Similarly, use a dedicated professional e-mail address that is not connected with your gravatar account. It is better to keep the mention of your country name, address, phone number, and social media accounts away from the blog.

3. Browser Privacy

You not only want to remain anonymous for the reader but also for search engines and crawlers. For that purpose, you can use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) every time while accessing the blog’s dashboard. Spoofing virtual locations is also good practice to hide your GPS coordinates and IP address.

On the other hand, you can use a portable browser and create separate Chrome profiles for working, if Google Chrome or Brave is used. In addition to that, do not share the link on your personal social media pages to avoid getting caught.

4. Anonymous Images

Photos can leak your identity. They have EXIF data and properties that store device and user information. Therefore, turn off GPS and location access on camera while taking photos. Be careful about the background as the technology is extremely advanced and can recognize the face with text written on the picture.

Also, when you download images from the web for reuse, they have meta-data of the website and location stored. Remove them using Photoshop or any tool. Also, edit file properties and erase any extra details through Windows Explorer. You can use Generative Adversarial Network to produce profile pictures for your author.

5. Blogging Platform

WordPress is the best anonymous blogging platform for many reasons. First of all, you don’t have to sign up or register for third-party websites that ask for your personal details. It is specially made for people who want to make blogging a full-time career. So, WordPress provides you with the facilities to change everything on the website.

With WordPress, you get exciting designs, looks, and colours of the website. It contains add-ons in the form of plugins and ready-made scripts to add more functions to the site without having to code. Also, SEO experts around the world agree that WordPress is super optimized for search engines covering 60.4% of the total CMS market share. The anonymous blog site platforms are the same as the normal industry.

Besides WordPress, we can also use the following anonymous blogging websites:

  • Blogger
  • Tumblr
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • Medium
  • Gator
  • Notepin

In order to remain hidden, you have to be tricky with the above platforms and never use any real information when signing up. Similarly, the Telegraph is an anonymous blog app for android that allows you to publish without having to register or sign up. A good security measure could be using a VPN while trying the app. Also, there are multiple apps like Blogspot, WordPress, Zoomla, etc. for android platforms.

6. Selecting blog name

Before learning how to create an anonymous blog, we must think about the identity of our website. A best anonymous blog name helps to maintain your privacy, branding, Search Engine Optimization, and marketing. It should be short, easy to remember, & 100% unique than the others. In this scenario, most name ideas could be already taken or booked. Therefore, we can use some fascinating anonymous blog name generator tools like Lean Domain Search.

Similarly, the anonymous blog name ideas names can be based on the subject & types such as:

  • Politics
  • Religion (Not Recommended)
  • Personal Interest
  • Whistleblower
  • Revolution
  • Experience & Reviews
  • Insider Stories
  • Community & so on.

Also, you can use plenty of anonymous blog name generators to get more ideas. In most tools, you have to enter a few words related to your niche, verbs, and the target location where you want to rank.

Some of the popular established anonymous blogs were:

  • Conservative
  • Anonymous Hacker Group
  • Overeaters
  • Alcoholics
  • Miss Anonymous
  • Olsen
  • Stampers
  • Italia
  • Mommy blog
  • Lawyer blog
  • Anonymous doctor blog
  • Food addicts in recovery

7. Writing anonymous blog posts

You need to be extremely unique and careful while writing an anonymous blog post. For this, advanced knowledge of the language and grammar is required. Make sure not to repeat words multiple times that are often found in your personal blogs. We need to practice different vocabulary and evolve with it learning new sentences every day. If anybody compares our data with the anonymous blog, it should look different. Make a new layout, structure, and hierarchy every time you publish.

8. How to promote an anonymous blog

Promoting an anonymous blog is directly correlated with SEO and making money from it. Search engines do care who the author is in my opinion. But you can still remain secret and make money.

The requirements for this are new chrome users for each account, making VPNs, and routing through new IP addresses every time you are going to build links. Whenever you are going for email outreach, use a different name. You can make fake social media profiles, it’s possible. You can get images from Pixabay, Pexels, and so many more sites.

Promotion is just as simple as other off-page SEO techniques. You can do comment backlinks, forum, and guest posting, reach out to marketers, and so on. Therefore, proper knowledge of SEO is a must for making money through anonymous blogging.

Final Verdict

Over the years, I’ve met a lot of bloggers including the ones who are blogging publicly and anonymously. I have found that, when you actually reveal your identity and niche, people will start stealing your ideas. They will just copy what you are doing, thus increasing competition for you. I do niche research differently, create an anonymous blog on different niches for affiliate marketing, and make money from both.

So, I never go for popularity. I’d rather run after the money. It is not true that the person who blogs publicly will become more successful than anonymous bloggers. It’s just the hard work, capacity, investment, and SEO knowledge that makes you money in this field.

I hope that that this page about how to start an anonymous blog has helped you. You can share your experience or ideas in the comments below. 🙂

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