A Foolproof Guide to Online Job in Nepal (2021 Break Down)

This is a comprehensive guide to online job in Nepal that will explain everything you need to know about making money from home. In fact, the details that I am about to share with you have helped me make thousands of dollars over the years.

And with that, below is the list of information you will discover here.

online jobs in nepal - a comprehensive guide

Online Job in Nepal vs Digital Entrepreneurship

When you get a job, you have a boss and are serving someone else. They will decide your routine, work, and how things are run. When you are an entrepreneur, there is no boss & you are growing an online business for your own benefits.

As I have already mentioned in the article about online earning that getting an online job and running your own online business are two completely different aspects of making money. When you get a job, they pay for completing a certain task whereas there is no guarantee in business because profit or loss depends upon your work.

Now, the debate of job vs entrepreneurship is a complete waste. At the end of the day, everyone wants to earn to feed their belly and support their families. There are thousands of unemployed men and students these days who want to convert into an entrepreneur. That’s good but the reality is that not every person can become successful in this field.

If you came here thinking that I will tell you to like pages on Facebook or watch videos from mobile to earn money, then you are wrong. Our field is not just about marketing on Facebook. There are real businesses and owners involved with whom we have to work directly and remotely without having a physical office.

People with the ability to work day and night can only adapt to this field. Only one in a thousand can get success but think about the fate of the remaining 999 people who are still struggling. Therefore, never ever quit your job reading the motivational stories out there because time will bring obstacles, and you might need an extra source of income.

Alright, let’s learn about some so-called online jobs in Nepal.

1. Freelancing

A freelancer is someone who offers services online on a particular platform and gets paid for delivering them. You can sell either products or services, and in the case of freelancing, we are selling services. Freelancing is a mix of both entrepreneurship and job combined in the sense that you will have to grow as a business to get recognized by high-profile buyers.

Similarly, you must be highly skilled in the topic you are providing services. For example, if you are doing photo restoring works, then it is obvious that you must be a trained professional in Photoshop or similar photo editing software.

The freelancing business has rapidly grown over the years and there is huge competition due to an increase in the number of sellers. However, there is still some space left and this is the perfect time for us to get into the world of freelancing.

Freelancing platforms:

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

2. Content Writing

Content writing services can also be provided on freelancing platforms. Real website and online newspaper owners require writers who can produce thousands of words every day to publish. Apart from working on freelancing platforms, you could get hired for article writing directly if you contact a representative or owner.

However, most people hire those who are experienced and have good English. There are different types of contents:

  1. UX Content: written on software, application, or a program like faqs, how to use, etc.
  2. Product Description: used to describe a product that is being sold online to convert readers into buyers.
  3. Blog Article: This type of content is mostly informational and published on blogs.
  4. Affiliate Article: published on sites that are earning through some sorts of affiliate programs such as Amazon Associates, JvZoo, etc.
  5. Website content: a supportive piece of writing published on a website for search engine optimization.
  6. News Editorial: published in online newspapers.

Similarly, there are few other types of content writing to get online jobs in Nepal but the above six variations are the highest paying with a big demand. But, article writing is not an easy task, especially for ‘Product Description’ and ‘Affiliate Article’. They require a lot of research and creativity to convert visitors.

3. SEO

You can also provide SEO works on freelancing platforms or work with an organization directly. Search Engine Optimization is a process of analyzing and improving a website so that it appearing on the #1 position meeting maximum Google’s 200 Ranking Factors.

Below are the types of SEO jobs:

  • Website setup
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • On-Page SEO
  • Site Security
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Proofreading
  • Link Building of various forms
  • Email Outreaching
  • Local SEO & more

It requires a good understanding of search algorithms and SEO training to offer these services.


How can I join online jobs?

For freelancing, just type the name of the platform on Google, sign up, and get started. For content writing and SEO related works, you will have to outreach or contact a business website owner through their social media page, email, or the contact information they listed on their websites. If you want to publish guest posts to gain experience, write 3000 words articles on different topics and submit to websites that are found when you search "Write For Us" in Google.

What are other possible online jobs in Nepal?

The internet is full of captcha and data entry related information. I have tried them in the past and found that they don't pay well or some create disputes at the time of payment. So, I never recommend such jobs to my readers. Similarly, other forms of online earning fall into the categories of digital entrepreneurship. Therefore, I have written a separate article on my website for those who want to start their own online business.

How can I earn from Facebook in Nepal?

Well, this is not the exact type of question that I answer to people because I am an SEO executive. I have people in my connections working on Facebook and this is a huge industry. Basically, the source of earning through Facebook is growing either a page or group and selling advertisements or cross-promotions through them. Nowadays, video marketing is also available on FB and people are making handsome amounts through FB AdBreak and instant articles. Some run gaming pages, stream live matches of PUBG, and get donations through esewa or khalti by mentioning their payment methods in the description. These were the possible ways to earn from Facebook in Nepal.

Do online jobs really pay?

Yes, online jobs pay but the company, platform, or boss must be a trusted organization or person. Only work with high profile businesses to remain safe from scams. Never make business deals through social media as they might block you or remove you from contact lists after completing the work. I've been working with plenty of trusted businesses over the year who are paying me good money every month.

Final Verdict

I hope that you like this detailed comprehensive guide about online jobs in Nepal. If you want to discover more money-making methods, you can search on my website. Let me know if you have any additional queries or confusions about the work from home jobs in the comments below. [c ya]

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