Top 3 Best SEO Training in Nepal Courses Reviews 2021 Tested

This is a proven tried and tested review of the best seo training in Nepal online courses list to learn search engine optimization in 2021. If you want to discover honest, real, and unbiased reviews of SEO courses but are confused about what to join, then you’ll enjoy this.

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Before purchasing or signing up for any course, it is our right to research and compare it with other mentors, because why not? We are investing our real money and deserve to get full results in return.

So, I ended up enrolling in multiple courses myself and applied everything that they teach. I found interesting case studies observation and world-class SEO skills that were unique, data-driven, and result-oriented. Also, you’ll find some spoilers inside that will help you choose the right SEO training courses in Nepal.

Top 3 Best SEO Training in Nepal Courses

SEO is one of the key tools for online entrepreneurs to get free organic search engine traffic, whether you are an affiliate marketer, an Adsense publisher, or a local business owner. Whether you are looking to boost skills, multiply online revenue, or just get a fresh start, a good mentor will make you 100% skilled.

So, let’s begin discovering the top world-class SEO courses that you can enrol in from Nepal.

1. SEBT by M Tanveer Nandla

Tanveer Hussain is the instructor for SEBT (SEO & Event Blogging Training) course, personality, and a self-made millionaire from SEO & Blogging. He is also the winner of the #1 blogger award from Pakistan. SEBT  is one of the world’s most result-oriented search engine optimization training courses in Nepal easily available to register. Tanveer has changed the lives of more than 1000 students already that have enrolled in his program.

SEBT was started in 2017 and till now, 5 batches are complete. I was a part of the SEBT-5 program back in January 2020. I started a new niche site after joining SEBT & was able to rank it on the first page of Google within 3 months of the project startup.

The best part about SEBT is that there are no slideshows, no old recorded videos like we find in most of the other training. All the lectures are taken live on private portals during weekends. There are over 100 hours of live classes where students are given assignments every week. In the end, there is also a progress report and mark sheet certification facility. So, this is a complete official SEO course in the Urdu language, which is exactly as Hindi that Nepalese can easily understand.

Tanveer believes in quality. There were over 320+ students on my batch of SEBT-5. To help each of them learn & grow, there were more than 20+ highly experienced support members to help students clear confusion. Those people are millionaires as well, which means you are also learning entrepreneurship at the same time. They can understand Hindi, Urdu, and English fluently.

Now, I am bound by the student’s contract & agreement to not reveal any of the insider secrets publicly. But, I can tell you what I learned from M Tanveer Nandla below.

  • Basic coding as partial content [maily HTML, CSS, PHP, and js]
  • Advanced industry & keyword research with competitor analysis
  • Understanding how SEO works
  • Complete WordPress setup & site security
  • Content presentation & UX/UI improvements.
  • On-Site SEO (Basic to Advanced)
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Google Search Console & Analytics
  • Complete white hat Link Building & various marketing techniques.
  • Amazon Affiliate Marketing with case studies
  • Making money online through Google AdSense, Content Arbitrage, CPA and many more.
  • Event Blogging

We were presented many bonus classes as well on the following topics.

  • Freelancing through Fiverr and Upwork.
  • Getting SEO clients & selling services.
  • Effective content writing strategies.
  • Making Money through Facebook AdBreak
  • Virality and Viral Marketing
  • E-commerce with the case study of a business module that made Rs. 100,00,000 PKR in sales.

Plus, a lot of other SEO experts, entrepreneurs, and millionaires were invited to live lectures on multiple occasions to share their experiences and ideas. I don’t think you will get all of this on a single table in any other place on earth. The price of this course is very reasonable and fair. You can search for ‘M Tanveer Nandla’ on Facebook or visit his official website to get notified when the next batch of SEBT starts.

Recently, Salman Baig’s blog ‘Voxel Reviews’ was featured on the Backlinko blog here. Do you know that Salman Baig was a part of SEBT training and he was Tanveer Nandla’s student? To be honest, Tanveer is so much boosted with SEO knowledge that not even Brian Dean can ever tell the strategies that he knows.

2. SEO That Works

Coming down to the list, ‘SEO That Works’ is second on the number. This astonishing course by world-famous Brian Dean is made for those who believe that content is king and promotion is queen. It is designed to get results & Google rankings if applied properly.

Let’s talk about the course content. In the first and second versions, the course was divided into Four modules. The first module contained information on how to discover ‘Linkerati’ on your industry using multiple methods. He explained how to create a power page and improve it by adding your own twist. As a next step, he presented secrets to find awesome keywords to optimize the power page for getting natural backlinks.

Then we move into the next module 2 which was all about advanced methods to get links from big brands and authority sites. It explained finding opportunities for effective email outreach. He explained multiple ways to build high octane links from resource pages in your niche and make a stronger pitch during outreach. Similarly, Brian taught four different strategies to get baller links with handyman link building techniques, with many extra methodologies.

Now, the third module was about creating content that generates links in different content formats. There was also a part in the lectures where we get to know how to create a wildly popular infographic, step by step. Next, there were five promotional strategies to get links and a landslide of traffic through infographics. In the same section, he also talked about award baits and roundup editorial link building techniques.

In the final module four, there were many reverse engineering tactics for discovering link building opportunities. He used multiple SEO Tools to show how the actual work is done through them. There were also mentions of niche publisher networks, brand awareness, sponsor, donation, freebie, and wet clay link building strategies. Plus, a bonus module with lots of exciting information inside.

If you are looking for someone to tell you how to set up WordPress plugins, and themes, then this course is not for you. This training is for someone who wants to learn the actual promotional strategies by improving the content and attracting links. This is best suited for people who like to increase the authority of the blog and want natural rankings.

3. The Underground SEO Secrets

Here comes one of the top result-oriented SEO training in Nepal courses from the founder of Develomark, Ruan M. Marihno. The underground SEO secrets had 8 modules on its first release with a video bonus about local SEO & getting your first SEO client. Ruan says the new course content contains advanced marketing tactics, ways to deliver it, and retaining customers.

The first module of the original courses had lectures on an introduction to SEO, ranking factors, goals, selecting the right domain name, setting up GMB & call tracking. Similarly, we get to learn about SEO metrics and tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Moz, Keywords Everywhere, and Buzzsumo. Ruan also described iWriter, Tube Buddy, social blades, and multiple methods of doing keyword research for free.

There were videos on SEO roadmap, market analysis, and research, WordPress development, and indexing website. The main part comes into the fourth module where you get to learn about On-Page Optimization and ranking multiple keywords for towns and cities. As we move ahead, there were sections about social media account setup and high authority citation building for local businesses.

Nevertheless, there were complete classes on the white hat backlinking process, SEO consulting along rank and rent with Kevin Dane. As a bonus, there were advanced youtube marketing and video breakdowns of doing paid SEO for multiple companies. He also showed proof of how he ranked websites and local businesses within the scene.

The content that I have described above was about the first release of the course years ago. Since then, search engine algorithms have changed thousands of times. To match that need, Ruan has promised to bring new marketing techniques and strategies for 2021. Personally, I believe that ‘The Underground SEO secrets’ is the perfect course for learning to rank local businesses and getting SEO customers that pay thousands of dollars every month for ranking their websites.

Clearing Away Doubts

How do I become a SEO specialist?

Search Engine Optimization comes in many forms such as on-page, off-page, e-commerce, product, and local SEO. To become a SEO specialist, you have to learn, implement, and master all these forms. Then we need to start building our reputation by getting clients and google maps reviews. If possible, then take a course and get certified. Study about the buyer's pyramid, offer something for free and attract more customers. When you finally have the budget, you can start your own SEO agency.

How can I learn SEO from scratch in 2020?

To learn SEO from scratch, find a teacher, mentor, or course and stick to it. For basic knowledge, there's Google that shows its webmasters guidelines. We need to learn from SEO training Nepal to fulfill those webmasters criteria for ranking a website. There's also youtube but I won't recommend that because there are plenty of fake gurus who mislead audiences with incomplete information just to sell their products.

Can you learn SEO by yourself?

Yes, you can learn SEO by yourself, it is not mandatory to join a course. However, there's a difference between learning yourself and following a coach. It will take you years to master and understand how various algorithms work. Courses are just to save your time for research because the teachers already know the right and wrong approach.

Is SEO easy?

Absolutely not. I'm not trying to scare you away but after working for over six years, I have found that it could take from 6 to 12 months for completing a project. Therefore, SEO is not easy.

Does SEO require coding?

Partially, it requires coding based on the CMS (Content Management System) you're using. For example, WordPress has a bunch of plugins to perform most of the SEO tasks. For other platforms, coding might be necessary. We might need to add some additional scripts into the website for extra functionality and UX/UI improvements.

What are SEO Tools?

SEO Tools could be software, websites, and browser extensions highly used for keyword research, competitor analysis, and on-site audits. For example, Screaming Frog SEO spider, SEO Powersuite, Social Blade, Tube Buddy, etc.

Is SEO a good career?

SEO is the best career for us now because Nepal is at its ongoing development stage. In the next 10 years, I am assuming that the international digital payment system is going to be introduced and most of the transactions plus shopping will be done online. Moreover, it is already an $80 billion dollars industry in 2020. So hurry up and join the SEO industry now because you might face a rise in competition in the future.

Final Verdict

Finally, those three were the top-rated seo training in Nepal to learn search engine optimization at its best. You can attend those courses from your home live on a computer. You get the proper support and answers to QNAs if you join the official classrooms.

Now, I’ve revealed both the good side and dark side of SEO experts in this post. Let me know what you feel about my opinion in the comment box below. Also, tell me if you want to say something about any SEO course in Nepal that you’ve attended so far. Is there any statistics or data that you want to share with us? The comment box is all yours.[c u]

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