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About Bulk Domain Authority Checker

bulk domain authority checker - free da checker

With the help of our bulk domain authority checker, you can now insert up to 20 domains in the URL form such as https://maheshpanth.com/ and get their MOZ DA for free. The best part is that you can now export bulk domains in CSV format to provide the list to your clients or boss.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score and a metric provided by the company 'Moz' that ranges from 0 to 100. A website with 100 DA tends to rank more than a website with 0 DA. However, Google does not officially recognize DA as its ranking factor. But Moz DA is designed in such a way that it checks all the major google factors available on a website such as its on-page and off-page SEO to provide the score.

How to increase domain authority?

Before moving ahead, please note that a higher DA does not necessarily guarantee to rank. It is just a number that determines how good your website really is. It is all up to google whether your page will rank or not. But if your Domain Authority is of a higher number then it means that you are doing something good.

Alright, here are the methods to increase domain authority:

  • Domain Age: A newly registered domain will have less DA than an older domain.
  • Quality Natural Backlinks: The MOZ is found to increase when you get quality natural dofollow backlinks from top DA sites. But if you get backlinks from irrelevant low-quality sites, it will only increase your spam score.
  • Relevancy: Since 2019, MOZ is using its Artificial Intelligence programming system to offer a DA metric that also checks keyword relevancy presence in the website content. Suppose your website is about some medical pills and you keep posting random stuff related to digital marketing or any other topic outside pills, your DA will remain constant or decrease. This means a site built around one focused topic tends to increase DA faster than a site that covers variations of topics.
  • External Links: When you provide a link to an external resource, make sure it is from a high-quality website and extremely relevant to the topic. Make sure that all the broken or dead links are fixed, removed, or redirected to a live page URL.
  • Promotion: Add your website to Google My Business, Yahoo Maps, Apple Maps, Yellow Pages, and directories.

Conclusion: If you want higher domain authority, get dofollow backlinks and increase website relevancy. Contact Us if you want to do a website audit to fix errors that might be obstacles in your website progress and business growth.