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About Simple Online Word Counter

Our free online word counter tool will help you identify the total number of characters and words present on a piece of content or document. Checking the word count of your competitor's page is an important step while doing search engine optimization as it will help you to estimate the amount of effort required to rank. To work on the free word counter tool, simply copy the content from its source and paste it inside the box. Then click on 'Count Words' to start the process. Just below it, you will find the results for the total number of words and total characters used in the document. Important: We strive to make the free word counter tool as accurate as possible. It is proven to accurately detect the number of words used. However, the total number of characters may vary as the tool considers whitespaces as characters as well. For example, if we put the text 'Word Counter' in the box, the output will display 12 character result because it has counted the space used between the words as well. Tip: Kindly bookmark this page for easy reference and accessibility in the future. We are adding more tools soon.