Bing Deindexed My Site 2022 – Legit Reasons and Solutions

This article explains the legit reasons why bing deindexed my site in 2022 with possible solutions to prevent the removal from happing any further. Well, this has been happening to many websites since 2020 along with Yahoo and it will continue happening in 2022 as well. So, if you are wondering why is Bing deleting my website and what can you do to stop it, read this whole post.

bing deindexed my site 2022 - legit reasons and solutions

Recently, I found a lot of people complaining that their site is disappearing from the Bing Index. To confirm this news, I did a couple of research and experiments on some of my test sites such as this one to discover interesting information.

Before going ahead, I want to make clear that once your website is gone from Bing, that could be removed forever. It is nearly impossible to restore it back in the index. As prevention is better than cure, we discovered a few things that you can apply to avoid to getting blacklisted.

Legit Reasons Bing Deindexed My Site

First of all, when you visit the “URL Inspection” section inside Bing’s Webmasters Tools, they will tell you to follow a link to contact their support team. Well, I’ve tried contacting them and the response is kind of copied and pasted from their Guidelines pages. They don’t reveal anything. In some cases, they don’t even send a response or reply back.

Now, Microsoft has earned enough money through their products and sales. They might just have realised that it is nearly impossible to compete with their rival company Google as the number one search engine. So, it is possible they have stopped responding to the support email requests or maybe the company seniors are not aware of it. After all, it’s just speculation.

So, let’s learn a few reasons why your website could be deindexed by Bing.

1. Link Spam

Backlinks could boost rankings but spammy backlinks are way harmful than you think. There are sites such as directory listings and domain listing that are just built for the purpose of creating link spam. They have no content and such sites have hundreds, even thousands of links published on a single page only. Therefore, you should consistently track the incoming links to your site and try to remove them as soon as possible.

Another way to find out a backlink through a spammy website is by using the Moz Link Explorer. When you put the domain address in Moz, they will display the spam score to let you make the decisions. Getting links from websites that have more than a 10% spam score is under the radar of Bing.

One important point to note here is the automatic backlink creation sites. Even if we never visit them, they publish our links for no reason. Such sites generally have a spam score of more than 50% and it is not possible to remove them manually. They don’t have contact information to talk to their owners and are made on free hosting and domain. So, such sites are made just for the sake of harming our SEO through black hat methods by our competitors.

Therefore, these types of automatically created backlink sites are the main reasons for Bing Penalty. If you observe carefully in your backlink profile, there must be “pw” domain links. They are automatically created by software or purchased from a bulk seller online by someone who wants to de-rank your website. Your task is to find their owner and request removal. If possible, then you can find their web hosting owner and try to terminate their hosting accounts because they seriously harm your search presence.

Hopefully, Google recognizes such websites and ignores them these days because they have already identified the issue. This is not the case with Bing, not officially announced but they might still consider those links.

2. Schema Spam

The funniest thing about so-called “SEO Experts” these days is if they found a person doing something and says it works, they start copying him without doing any further research. If a person applies FAQ Schema and uploads a video about it on YouTube, everybody will start to copy it without knowing its consequences.

Please note that schema markup or structured data is used by search engines to display informational panels or knowledge graphs. It has nothing to do with shifting the search engine rankings, especially on google which is the first priority of everybody.

Upon testing my sites, I found that the websites that got deindexed by Bing were heavily doing Schema spam. They were using a large number of structured data codes that backfired and caused them to deindex. Such activities are hated by search engines and considered forceful ranking strategies.

So, schema markups are helpful but only when you use them with caution. If you have no idea about how to do it right, then just don’t do it without studying in detail. Thousands of sites are still found ranking on Google & Bing without using any of them.

3. Social Media Spam

This is another trend that was copied and people started following it blindly. A new website that was created by a startup will surely have fewer social media followers. Therefore, they try to trick search algorithms by buying thousands of social media shares, interactions, and followers from some companies or brokers.

Most of these sellers use machines and bots to deliver those social targets, which is enough to create spam & get detected by Bing. Therefore, organic & legit social media growth is beneficial for your company and the website in a long term.

4. Site Security

Some newbie bloggers don’t have the money to buy premium website designs, templates, and plugins. As a result, they end up downloading such items from pirated and nulled companies that are not safe.

Once a virus enters your website through such pirated scripts, there are several anti-virus programs that easily detect them & flag your website as unsafe for visiting. Therefore, always try to maintain the reputation of your site by purchasing original templates and designs. Also, timely scan your site with an antivirus program, WordFence security, or similar services to maintain its integrity.

Maybe your website is just hacked, which you might have no idea about, and gives access to a third person who could be uploading such insecure files. Therefore, it is always a good decision to invest and work on the site-security such as using SSL certificates, applying firewalls, etc.

5. Copyrighted Content

Publishing content, multimedia, or files without the permission of the original creator could lead up to being deindexed by Bing. If you are allowing illegal downloading of movies, modded apk, cracked programs, or software, your website is most likely get under the radar of the Bing algorithm.

The original content owner can request Bing to remove your website by sending notices of infringement. Similarly, if you are sharing information that is not allowed such as how to hack a system or bypass internet protocols or networks, Bing could remove you. Therefore, always share and publish content on your website that you are legally & rightfully allowed to.

In addition to that, there must be a DMCA Removal Request present on your website along with Disclaimer and Privacy Policies.

6. URL Cloaking & Redirects

URL Cloaking or Masking or Stealth Redirection or URL Hiding is a black hat SEO technique in which the browser renders a different website and the web address is in the URL box of the browser is displayed of another domain. This is completely different from embedding a site into another site as domain forwarding techniques are used here.

We’re not going deep into technical stuff here but for those of you who have the idea of implementation of this technique, it’s extremely neglected by Bing and could cause deindexation. Similarly, heavy use of redirects coming from domains that are already removed by Bing due to several other reasons could bring the issue. If you are doing URL Cloaking for higher rankings, better apply white hat SEO to protect your website from impact in the future.

7. Thin Content

There are plenty of websites that steal content from other sources, use spin content or have no content. Some starter sites only have one page published with low-quality content that is not original. Such websites fall into categories of “Thin Content”.

On the other hand, there are thousands of affiliate reviews sites written by someone who has never tested the product by themselves. Everything found in their content is stolen and reproduced. Such sites provide no value to the readers and are made to generate affiliate income only. Bing is super fast in detecting such sites and hit them with a penalty.

Original content has much more to say just than the features and specifications of the product review. Similarly, the content is broad, lengthy, and shares one’s personal experience and knowledge. The snapshots and images shared on such posts are captured from their own device and not edited after downloading from the internet. The image recognition AI technology is a lot more advance than your imagination.

8. Keywords Stuffing

Google is pretty hard to rank but people who also target Bing might know that it is super easy to rank on Bing with keyword stuffing. Most of the YouTube SEO gurus suggest using keywords all over the content portions. While it might temporarily provide a rankings boost, it has negative effects in the long term. Such techniques include repeating keywords in the meta and schema codes, internal links, URLs, headers, and every way possible. This is also known as overoptimization and if you want to keep the search engines happy, avoid such techniques.

9. Competitors Attack

The above reasons are also some of the top black hat ranking methods. If you overuse them, that gets you deindexed by bing. When your competitors intentionally attack your website by applying black hat tricks, they could hide the link posted. Or, maybe they block spiders, bots, and crawlers coming from different SEO Tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, or any other. So, it is nearly impossible to detect such spammy backlinks.

However, these tricks do not work for Google as they know that it could be some intentional activity by a competitor. But, on the contrary, you can do the same thing with your competitor’s website to wipe them away from Bing, which I don’t recommend at any cost. Therefore, as soon as you discover such links, be sure to disavow them immediately.

Final Words

While it might be possible to reindex in Google because they make things clear in the search console, it might just not be the case with Bing. Their ranking factors are mostly based on On-Page SEO and could hit any website that falls under the categories of spam as mentioned above.

Nevertheless, these were some reasons why bing deindexed my site in 2022 and how you can prevent it in the future. As of this writing, all the sites that got hit by the Bing penalty are still waiting to be recovered or they never come back even after fixing the issues. So, the only solution is to prevent it before it gets hit as Bing is one of the largest search engines to drive a massive flood of traffic to your website.

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